What a great little gem, set in a fantastic location! The friendliest staff, yummy fresh tasty food and delicious coffee, all really well priced - I’ll be back to grab a smooth creamy Bonsoy coffee any chance I get!

Mia J


Great little cafe with friendly staff too. Really enjoy going there. They a kids menu and crayons and paper for kids which is great. One of those places that you don’t want to tell others about only because it’s too good to share I’ve been here with my 2 year old, with my husband and kid, and by myself and every time it’s just amazing. I have not met a friendlier place with great breakfast and brunch too.

Holly M D


This place is so aesthetically pleasing with its recycled timber and green plants everywhere that I regularly come just to be in a beautiful spot, it's only outdone by the delicious food and super friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Harmony Money